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Since 1994, CAE develops its products in collaboration with the medical fi eld. Through this partnership, CAE improves advanced manufacturing techniques. It also makes use of modern materials such as "reinforced thermoset resin''. In addition, this material allows quick and efficient cleaning. Its products combine ergonomy, robustness, hygiene and design. CAE provides quality and innovation closer to your needs.

CAE is one of the leading top quality, class III medical weighing equipment manufacturers.

Its leading position is the result of :
      - a continuous analysis of scale users' needs and requirements;
      - spearhead manufacturing techniques managed by ERP;
      - the use of very high quality materials adapted to medical environment requirements;
      - high-tech electronic equipment that combines reliability, precision and ease of use.

History :

AR-assis2.jpgFounded in 1994, the company CAE (Close Automation Electromécanique) is today mainly active in the medical field.
CAE developed their market by offering complete solutions comprising the study, the design, the installation and the maintenance, initially mainly for industrial purposes.
In 1995, CAE launched their medical department to develop a product for the medical and paramedical circles for which the patent and model were registered. It is the electronic weighing chair « Arnold », a precision weighing scale allowing to weigh in a standing or seated position with the same device.

The hospital word acclaims the concept. Arnold meets with ever-growing success and sales increase. The product is renowned for its quality, which is unanimously recognised by health professionals.

After several years of R&D, CAE then launched a full range of new scales and options covering most weighing in the medical field: new Design for "Arnold" and "Charly" scales, four types of "PC" weighing platforms (for wheelchairs, beds and stretchers), baby and infant scales "PF75 and PF77" and finally new "PF3x" weighing scales and "PF10" diaper scale.

All products are manufactured in our own CAE factory in Bande (Belgium), which allows for continuous technical response to meet the needs and changing working habits of medical and paramedical staff.


CAE is a company specialised in the development and production of medical weighing systems. Its target groups are hospitals and nursing homes.

CAE aims at being close to our customers to :
     - ensure an optimal reactivity,
     - gain direct feedback from the field,
     - better respond to their customers' expectations through the improvement and development of new products,
     - support and train our commercial partners.


CAE's dynamic and specialised team developed their products with a special attention for the final users : medical departments, nursing staff, patients and technical support departments in hospitals or nursing homes.

Ergonomics, hygiene, comfort and maintenance are studied and optimised to attain overall user satisfaction. The risk of dorsodynia is particularly considered and reduced thanks to ingenious equipments.

Their personal scales, babyscales, diaper scales and weighing platforms combine robustness and design.

The products are designed in such a way that CAE technicians can provide remote assistance to the customer's technical department. This really helps to keep maintenance costs low.

They are made of European materials and are recyclable at 99%. These qualities provide them with great sustainability and a reduction in CO2 emissions.


CAE wants to impose their undeniable know-how and their original approach to both product and innovation.

CAE aims to become an international reference for top range weighing material in the healthcare sector through the continuous improvement of internal processes via ERP, through close co-operation with the product users and via an increased commercial communication.