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Our Assets

Our products have been developed in collaboration with hospital practitioners.
We wanted to put the patient and the user at the centre of our thinking to offer products that meet all their requirements.

High Quality Ergonomics and Easy Technical Maintenance :

  • The range of CAE scales was designed and developed by incorporating advanced electronic, powerful and scalable equipment.
  • The scales are designed to minimize interventions and maintenance by biomedical services.
  • The use of unique electronics throughout the range simplifies equipment maintenance.
  • Batteries have no memory effect and are intended for intermittent use encountered in hospitals without lowering their autonomy.
  • Weighing systems can be interfaced with the hospital computing.
  • The quality of electronic components and sensors provides a better reading accuracy and an extended life.
  • Very fast weighing: approximately 3 sec.

  • Reliability of reading even in trembling people.

Ergonomics and Functionality Pushed to the Maximum  :

CAE has developed its products in collaboration with nursing staff and ergonomists to optimize the ergonomics of its equipment and the comfort and safety for the greatest satisfaction of caregivers and patients.

  • Arnold is the only '3 in 1' scale for weighing in a sitting as well as in a standing position, with the size measurement.
  • Very compact in order to facilitate its movement and the transfer of the patient and avoid back pain of nursing staff.
  • Retractable footrest and armrests for the safety and comfort of the patient.
  • Easy to read information thanks to the reversible reading.
  • Electronic height rod, telescopic and compact to facilitate the mobility of the device.
  • Simplicity and intuitiveness of use

Hygienic and Easy to Maintain   :

Products are mainly made of High Pressure Laminate (HPL-Trespa® Virtuon®)* and aluminum, 2 very hygienic materials specially adapted for hospitals :

   o Clean

  • HPL (Trespa® Virtuon®) is produced by polymerization by electron beams curing (EBC), an exclusive technology patented by Trespa® International, which gives very easy maintenance surfaces. Trespa® Virtuon® panels remain free of stains and dirt for years, even in the hardest environments.
  • Trespa® Virtuon® panels underwent a series of tests conducted by reputable organizations. It appears from these tests that the non-porous surface of Trespa® Virtuon® panels reduces the presence of microbe nests, and makes these panels easy to clean and disinfect.

   o Resistant to Bacteria

  • Trespa® Virtuon® does not need any antimicrobial additives, as it  has inherent antibacterial properties that last for the whole product life cycle. This material helps thus to control nosocomial infections. Easy maintenance, saving time, effort and money.

   o Sustainability and Hygiene

  • The pictures shown here have been taken using a scanning electron microscope. They clearly show the difference between a surface obtained using the EBC technology implemented by Trespa® International (Trespa® Virtuon®) and a classic melamine surface. On the melamine surface, cellulosis fibres can clearly be distinguished. In the case of Trespa® Virtuon®, the surface does not contain any cellulosis. Therefore Trespa® Virtuon® panels are sustainably efficient and hygienic. Even residual dirt is easily removed.
  • In order to withstand any detergents used to remove graffiti, limescale and other residues, the surface of Trespa® Virtuon® offers a protection against cleaning agents containing, e.g. hydrochloric or phosphoric acid diluted to 10%.
  • Cleaning with hydrogen peroxide or caustic soda solvents and methyl ethyl ketone is also possible without any aesthetic or functional impairment.

   o Saving Time, Effort and Money

  • Dirt and stains can only with difficulty penetrate the Trespa® Virtuon® surface and stick to it. Moreover, common dirt as well as limescale and other salts can easily be removed. The closed surface of Trespa® Virtuon® remains unchanged, even after countless intensive cleaning processes.
  • These are properties that facilitate the cleaning and disinfection and help save  a lot of time, effort and money, year after year.

   o Effective cleaning

  • Trespa® Virtuon® panels are resistant to the most aggressive detergents, unlike melamine-based surfaces used in classic compact HPL panels, that can be damaged by a large number of aggressive detergents.

Sustainability, Reliability and Savings   :

CAE products have been designed to provide customer satisfaction for many years and for a more economical use.

The scales are designed to face intensive uses in medical environment (shocks, cleaning and disinfections, frequent moving...) :

  • The use of thermosetting resin to enhance strength and facilitate cleaning ;
  • The use of more aluminum and less steel for durability and to avoid the appearance of rust ;
  • The charger is pre-installed inside the unit to avoid losses and theft ;
  • The printers are equipped with a cutter to preserve print heads at the cutting of the ticket ;
  • Sensors are oversized in order to withstand potential shocks ;
  • Automatic shutdown of the device preserves the autonomy of the battery.


All CAE weighing equipment comply with CE directives and are certified class III (metrological - CE logo 0195))in accordance with directive 2009/23/EC, which amends directive 90/384/EEC and class I (medical - CE logo 0029) under directive 2007/47/EC, which amends directive 93/42/EC.

Our production system guarantees full traceability of devices and their components.

Each device is individually checked by our QualityAssurance department. A metrological certificate from a notified body is supplied with the appliance.

Warranty: 2 years.