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All user requirements without concessions !

CAE has aimed to incorporate within the GOLD range all its capabilities and expertise to provide users with a range of products which meet all their requirements in terms of quality, comfort, robustness, ergonomics, hygiene, etc.

In the GOLD range, the device can be configured according to the requirements of the user :

         - Extension of the footrest;
         - Integrated ticket printer;
         - Computer interface;
         - Electronic telescopic height gauge, variable up to 210 cm;
         - Wide range of colours for both the devices and the trims;
         - Wide range of capacities and precisions;
         - ...

In addition to the basic function, some devices offer the following options :

         - the calculation of the BMI (body mass index) and the BSA (Body Surface Area);
         - the storage of 100 tares;
         - ...




The best quality/price investment! !

With the Plus Range, CAE has aimed for an attractive price without neglecting the essential qualities of products designed for the hospital sector and which have turned the company into one of the market leaders in Class III medical weighing equipment.

         - Product robustness : use of reinforced thermoset resin and aluminium
         - Hygiene : use of Trespa® Virtuon® for easy cleaning and a reduced nosocomial infection risk.
         - Ergonomics : adapted products that help prevent user back pain and facilitate the patient transfer
         - Ease of use and intuitiveness
         - ...