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Ergonomic and high-performance, this top quality weighing scale is particularly attractive thanks to its small size and userfriendliness. An on-off pushbutton activated by foot pressure is a standard fitting. The dimensions (B39xW31xH7cm) and the well studied design of the weighing platform make it a very easy appliance to access to.

The scale is very robust and can be moved without any fear. Reliability, precision and userfriendliness for this electronic appliance are there to relieve the nursing staff. The weighing result is displayed precisely after only 3 seconds and the end of the weighing is signalled by a "beep". The weighing result will remain in memory until the next weighing.

The appliance is equipped with the following standard functions:

    - RESET: restarts the system, returning to zero even if a load is present (enables the net weight to be
    - HOLD: maintains the weight display during the weighing, from the time that the display is stabilised.
    - REFRESH: restarts the weighing (HOT) without having to lift the patient from the scales and/or
                 stabilizes (FST) the display (anti-trembling).
    - MEM: displays the result of the last weighing which is stored in the memory.

A lithium battery power supply is a standard fitting (supplied with the appliance) or in variant, you can opt for a mains power supply. The low electric consumption of the scale guarantees a long battery life enabling thousands of weighings. Switching off is automatic or manual.

The design of conventional weighing scales allows contaminated dust to enter them , thereby increasing the difficulty of proper disinfection. As for the weighing scale "PF35", you can opt for an adaptation worked out by CAE that prevents dust from entering the scale and thus allows for efficient disinfection. The spraying of a disinfecting solution, even abundant, is without any risk for the weighing scale. The adaptation was initially developed for sterile care units but then it turned out that it is also highly appreciated by generic health care units.

Capacity / Accuracy : 200kg / 100g
Structure of the main chassis : reinforced thermoset resin
Standard Functions : RESET (tare), HOLD, REFRESH, MEM
Automatic turn off
Save the weighing
Restart the current weighing
Reset to zero (automatic)
Electronic indicator : Integrated in the chassis
Display : Digital LCD, easily readable
Power supply : 2 Lithium batteries (or means)
Other well developed points : Hygienic – Ergonomic – Safe
Total dimensions : 39 x 31 x 7 cm
T° / HR accuracy guarantee: : from +5 °C to +40°C / <85%HR
Sealing : IP65 (display) / IP42 (whole)
Manufacturers guarantee : 2 years
Weight : 5,2 kg