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Charly 200

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The patient can hold on to the hand rail (option) to access or leave the scales, but also during the weighing.

The pan, barely higher than the floor, makes access easy for the patient. It can also be moved easily by taking it by the handle cut into the pan."CHARLY" is a professional high quality medical weighing scale, which belongs to the "GOLD" range of the CAE brand.

Electronic Indicator

The reliability, accuracy and simplicity of use of the latest electronic equipment serves patients and nursing staff. It only takes three seconds to obtain accurate weighing results, the end of the weighing is signalled by a "beep".

The appliance is equipped with the following standard functions:

    - TARE: enables the net weight of the patient to be discovered when the patient is weighed with a tare.
    - HOLD: maintains the weight display, during the whole duration of the weighing, from the time that the display is stabilised.
    - HOT: restarts the weighing without having to get off the scales.
    - FST: performs a stabilisation (anti-trembling).
    - BMI: calculates the body mass index (BMI).
    - MEM: displays the result of a weighing which is stored in the memory.

Power supply is through the mains, with the use of a standard lead.

Capacity / Accuracy : 200kg / 100g
Structure of the main chassis : Reinforced thermoset resin + Aluminum
Standard Functions : TARE, HOLD, HOT, FST, BMI, BSA, MEM (+ info)
Reset to zero (automatic)
Automatic turn off
Save the weighing
Restart the current weighing
Electronic indicator : Integrated in the chassis
Display : Digital LCD, easily readable
Power supply : 100-240 Vac / 50-60 Hz / 200 mA
Battery and charger : Built in (battery life 40h)
Mobility : Integrated into the pan
Other well developed points : Hygienic – Ergonomic – Safe
Weighing surface/height : 40 x 33 cm / 4cm
Total dimensions : 44 x 44 x 18 cm (LxlxH)
Weight : 11 kg
T° / HR accuracy guarantee: : from 0°C to +40°C / <85%HR
Manufacturers guarantee : 2 years
Capacity / Accuracy : 200kg / 50g
300kg / 100g
Patient assistance : Metallic hand rail
Battery and charger : Built in (battery life 40h to 130h)
Additional pushbutton : ON/OFF foot switch
Height gauge : Electronic & telescopic in 3 elements(90 à 210 cm)