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"ARNOLD", is a professional, high-performance, multifunction weighing scale, which is the result of lengthy research by the company CAE, in co-operation with professionals from the medical field.

Thanks to the latest manufacturing techniques developed by CAE and the use of modern materials such as the "reinforced thermoset resin" which forms the structure, "ARNOLD" combines ergonomics, robustness, hygiene and design.

In addition, this material enables effective cleaning in no time at all.

Present in hospital wards since 1996, and continuously improved over this time, the "ARNOLD" weighing scale provides an effective and accurate weighing in a sitting position as well as in a standing position.

"ARNOLD" is a professional high quality medical weighing scale, which belongs to the "GOLD" range of the CAE brand.

Sitting position

A true weighing chair, access to the "sit-on" position is facilitated by a footrest completely tucked away under the seat and by the presence of armrests individually collapsible to 180°. A slimline backrest (formed handle in the backrest) allows an ideal position for personnel moving patients. For increased comfort the lower flap slides easily towards the front by a single foot movement and serves as a footrest.

Standing position

"ARNOLD" can be turned into a "stand-on" weighing scale by raising the tablet of the seat in vertical position. The armrests and the handle formed in the backrest enable the patient to hold onto without falsifying the weighing. The platform is hardly higher than the ground and thus easy to access.


"ARNOLD" can easily be moved next to the patient. When in use, the wheels are automatically lifted from the ground. “ARNOLD” rests on its feet, ensuring a perfect stability for maximum safety. This avoids any problems with forgotten or faulty brakes.

Electronic indicator

The reliability, accuracy and simplicity of use of the latest electronic equipment serves patients and care personnel.

The display can be reversed so that the patient can read his own weight. It only takes three seconds to obtain accurate weighing results, the end of the weighing is signalled by a "beep".

The appliance is equipped with the following standard functions:

- TARE: enables the net weight of the patient to be discovered when the patient is weighed with a tare (baby with mother, etc.).
- PT: Pre-Tare or Predetermined Tare, gives the opportunity to save up to 100 tares
- HOLD: maintains the weight display, during the whole duration of the weighing, from the time that the display is stabilised.
- HOT: restarts the weighing without having to get off the scales.
- FST: performs a stabilisation (anti-trembling).
- BMI: calculates the body mass index (BMI).
- MEM: displays the result of a weighing which is stored in the memory

The power supply can be chosen from the mains electric network (standard lead) or via an integrated battery (40 or 130 hours of battery life) to carry out up to several thousand weighings before recharging. A high performance control system and limit to the battery charge allow the appliance to be left plugged into the mains without any special precautions. Switching off is controlled manually or is automatic when running on battery.

The mains power supply is built into the appliance, it is used simply with a standard lead (without adapter!).

Capacity / Accuracy : 200kg / 100g
Weighing position : "Standing" or "Sitting"
Structure of the main chassis : reinforced thermoset resin
Standard Functions : TARE, HOLD, HOT, FST, BMI, BSA, MEM (+ info)
Reset to zero (automatic)
Inversion of the display
Restart the current weighing
Save the weighing
Automatic turn off
Electronic indicator : On a column
Display : Digital LCD, easily readable
Battery and charger : Built in (battery life 40h to 130h)
Power supply (integrated) : 100-240 Vac / 50-60 Hz / 200 mA
Mobility : 2 castors
Armrests : Individually collapsible to 180°
Footrest : Collapsible (17cm)
Other well developed points : Hygienic – Ergonomic – Safe
Weighing surface/height : .
    - STANDING position : 44 x 44 cm / 4 cm
    - SITTING position : 44 x 44 cm / 54 cm
Back seat : 44 x 53 cm
Total dimensions : 59 x 59 x 105 cm
Weight : 30kg
T° / HR accuracy guarantee: : from 0°C to +40°C / <85%HR
Manufacturers guarantee : 2 years
Capacities / Accuracies : 200kg / 50g
300kg / 100g
Covering : Imitation leather cushions M1
Footrest extension : Additional 15 cm
Ticket printer (integrated) : Thermal + automatic paper cutter
Computer interface(s) : RS 232 to the computer, to an external printer + ...
Height gauge : Electronic & telescopic in 3 elements(95 - 215 cm)