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Thanks to the latest manufacturing techniques developed by CAE and the use of modern materials such as the "reinforced thermoset resin" which forms the structure, the "PC" weighing platforms combine ergonomics, robustness, hygiene and design. In addition, this material enables effective cleaning in no time at all.

The PC01" weighing platforms were specially designed to weigh wheelchair-bound patients. It is thus possible to weigh the person in his/her wheelchair and to edit a ticket detailing the net weight of the patient, the weight of the wheelchair and its ID, the date, time, serial number of the device, ... or to communicate this information to the computer network.

There are also the "PC03" and "PC04" platforms that are more specifically adapted to the weighing of a patient on a stretcher or in bed.

Easy to move and to stow away

Thanks to its 180° collapsible ramps, its handles, its casters (2x3) and its low weight, the "PC" weighing platform can be moved easily. Moreover, once the ramps are folded up, it takes only little room and can be stowed away easily.

Really easy access and Security

The very thin access ramps rest on the ground when a wheel draws nearer. In addition, the platform is very low. Therefore the platform can be accessed surprisingly easily. Even the heaviest beds can access it.

Easy to clean

For perfect hygiene, the "PC" weighing platform was specially developed and manufactured in materials that make it very easy to clean, both for the visible and the invisible parts. It is a light construction and easy to lift to clean the underside.

Electronic Indicator

The indicator and its electronics are integrated in the platform, for optimal protection and handiness.

The reliability and accuracy of the latest electronic equipment serve both the patients and the nursing staff. Three seconds are enough to obtain a precise weighing result. The end of the weighing is signalled by a "beep". The display of the result can be inverted so that the patient can read his/her weight by him-/herself. The weight is saved to the memory until the next weighing. .

The appliance has the following standard fittings:

- TARE: to know the patient's net weight when (s)he is weighed with a tare (wheelchair,...)
- PT: Pre-Tare or predetermined Tare, offers the possibility to memorise up to 100 tares
- HOLD: maintains the weight display, during the whole duration of the weighing, from the time that the display is stabilised
- HOT: restarts the weighing without having to get off the scale
- FST : performs a stabilisation of the display (anti-trembling)
- BMI: calculates the body mass index (BMI)
- MEM: displays the result of a weighing which is stored in the memory

The power supply can be chosen from the mains electric network (standard lead) or via an integrated battery (10 or 40 hours of battery life) to carry out up to several thousand weighings before recharging. A high performance control system and limit to the battery charge allow the appliance to be left plugged into the mains without any special precautions. Switching off is controlled manually or is automatic when running on battery.

The foot switch is a standard fitting on the basic model.

Capacity / Accuracy : 300kg / 100g
Structure of the main chassis : Reinforced thermoset resin + Aluminum
Standard Functions : TARE, HOLD, HOT, FST, BMI, BSA, MEM (+ info)
Predetermined tares (1 to 100) (+ info)
Reset to zero (automatic)
Inversion of the display
Restart the current weighing
Save the weighing
Automatic turn off
Electronic indicator : Integrated in the chassis
Display : Digital LCD, easily readable
Additional pushbutton : ON/OFF foot switch
Battery and charger : Built in (battery life 40h)
Power supply (integrated) : 100-240 Vac / 50-60 Hz / 200 mA
Mobility : wheels (2x3))
Other well developed points : Hygienic – Ergonomic – Safe
Access ramps : Collapsible (20 cm)
Weighing surface/height : 83 x 92,5 cm / 4 cm
Total dimensions : 100 x 133 x 10 cm
from 0°C to +40°C / <85%HR
Manufacturers guarantee : 2 years
Capacities / Accuracies : 500kg / 200g
Electronic indicator : In the collapsible column
Patient assistance : Collapsible hand rail
Ticket printer (integrated) : Thermal + automatic paper cutter
Computer interface(s) : RS 232 to the computer, to an external printer + ...
Height gauge : Electronic & telescopic in 3 elements(95 - 215 cm)